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This is a portal to the various web pages and photo albums I've made over the years to share photographs from my wildlife-watching travels, and also to my wildlife and whale-watching blogs. Some of the older web pages were made for desktops and laptops and don't display well on smaller mobile devices, so apologies for that, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.

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Link to India 2007 website India 2007
Asiatic lions, wild asses and blackbuck in Gujarat, and Asian elephants in Nagarhole National Park
Link to Big Mammals in Kaziranga web page Big Mammals in Kaziranga
Big numbers of India's biggest mammals (elephant, rhino and buffalo) in Kaziranga National Park, Assam.
Link to Trail of the Tiger web page On the Trail of the Tiger
A tour of Pench, Kanha,
Bandhavgarh and Panna Tiger Reserves, looking for the striped one.
Link to Bandhavgarh Tigers web page Bandhavgarh Tigers
Excellent encounters with tigers in India's Bandhavgarh National Park, with a supporting cast of spotted deer and langur monkeys (Google Photos album).
Link to Sri Lanka webpage
Sri Lanka
Giants and endemics - blue whales, Asian elephants, Sri Lankan giant squirrels and the unique purple-faced leaf monkey (Google Photos album).
Link to Land of the Lemurs web page Land of the Lemurs
Lots of lemurs, from the teddy bear-like indri to tiny mouse lemurs, in Madagascar's biodiverse but threatened forests.
Link to In the Midst of Gorillas web page In the Midst of Gorillas
Tracking endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park (Google Photos album).
Link to Land of the Elephants website Land of the Elephants
Big cats, grumpy hippos and huge herds of elephants in northern Botswana, and rainbows over Victoria Falls.
Link to Hunt for the Hunting Dog website Hunt for the Hunting Dog
Tracking down the endangered and elusive African wild dog in southern Tanzania.
Link to Lions Tour website The Lions Tour, South Africa
Lions every day in Kruger National Park, and lots of other mammals from elephants to tree squirrels.
Link to Ocean to Ocean web page Ocean to Ocean in South Africa
From the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean via Zululand's game reserves (Google photos album).
Link to Kenya's Endangered Zebras web page Kenya's Endangered Zebras
Working on an Earthwatch project to conserve endangered Grevy's zebras.
Link to Ethiopia's Wolves web page Ethiopia's Wolves
Endangered wolves and other unique mammals in Ethiopia's Bale Mountains.
Link to Africa 2005 web page Africa 2005
Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, and volunteering in Namibia.
Link to Zambia's Kafue web page The Rivers & Floodplains of Zambia's Kafue
Unusual antelopes and most of the 'big six' in Zambia's expansive Kafue National Park.
Link to Namibia website Namibia: Deserts, Coast and Savannah
Red sand dunes, white clays pans, a huge seal colony and Etosha National Park.
Link to Spanish Dolphins web page Spanish Dolphins
Five species of dolphin in the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco.
Link to Whales & Dolphins of the Azores web page Whales & Dolphins of the Azores
Ten species of cetacean around the Azorean island of Faial.
Link to Bowheads & Icebergs webpage Bowheads and Icebergs
Bowhead whales against a backdrop of icebergs, mountains, blue skies and the 'midnight' sun in Greenland's Disko Bay.
Link to Mammals of the Arctic webpage Mammals of the Arctic
Polar bears, walruses and orca in the changing Arctic climate of Norway.
Link to Finland's Bears & Wolverines webpage Finland's Bears & Wolverines
Close encounters with brown bears, wolverines and a friendly reindeer called Vili (Google Photos album).
Link to Grand Teton & Yellowstone Google Photos album
2017 Eclipse and National Parks
A spectacular total eclipse, and wildlife from buffaloes to pikas in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks (Google Photos album).
Link to Manitoba's Black Bears web page Manitoba's Black Bears
Black and not-so-black bears in Riding Mountain National Park, Canada.
Link to Vancouver web page Vancouver: city and Island
Snorkelling with harbour seals, watching grizzly bears feast on salmon, and meeting the resident raccoons of Stanley Park.
Link to Chile Google Photos album Pumas of Torres del Paine
Elusive pumas and countless guanacos in Chile's beautiful Torres del Paine National Park (Google Photos album).
Link to Florida's Manatees web page Florida's Manatees
Snorkelling with friendly manatees in Florida's Crystal River, and working on a manatee research project in Sarasota.
Link to Marine Mammals of Monterey Bay web page Marine Mammals of Monterey Bay
Watching a unique range of marine mammals on land and at sea around California's Monterey Bay.
Link to Gentle Giants in Mexico blog post Gentle Giants in Mexico
Encounters with big whales from little boats in Baja California, Mexico
(photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog).
Link to More Gentle Giants in Mexico blog post More Gentle Giants in Mexico
Snorkelling with the world's largest shark species off the Yucatán Peninsular
(photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog).
Link to Bimini Dolphins blog post Bimini Dolphins
Snorkelling with wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins in The Bahamas
(photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog)
Link to Restaurant for Whales blog post Restaurant for Whales
Over 100 whales and dolphins in a long weekend of whale-watching off Massachusetts
(photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog).
Link to Sperm Whale Nursery blog post Caribbean Sperm Whale Nursery
Sperm whales and dolphins off the 'Nature Island' of Dominica
(photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog).
Link to Brazil's Pantanal web page Brazil's Pantanal
A search for the elusive jaguar, and encounters with the world's biggest rodent and otter.
Link to Grey Seals of Donna Nook web page Grey Seals of Donna Nook
Photos from many visits to the huge grey seal rookery at Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast.
Link to North of the Border web page North of the Border
Wildlife and scenery in Scotland's highlands and islands
Link to In My Own Backyard web page In My Own Backyard
Some of the wildlife and landscapes closer to home.
Link to Bay of Fundy blog post How it all started
The story of how I accidentally got into wildlife-watching - a cancelled holiday and big whales in Canada's Bay of Fundy  (photos & posts on my Wildlife Blog).
Link to Gill's Wildlife Blog Gill's Wildlife Blog
Earthwatch projects, an 'expedition' to look for giant pandas, other occasional wildlife encounters, and a few holiday photos.
Link to Gill's Whale & Dolphin Watching Blog Gill's Whale & Dolphin Watching Blog
Pages from my old website: whale-watching around the world, cetacean behaviour, planning a whale-watching trip.
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