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Kruger National Park in South Africa is 'safari for softies'. With tarmac roads, 24-hour electricity (well, apart from during a spectacular thunderstorm), and fully-functional flush toilets, Kruger is a good place to see some of Africa's wild mammals without too much hardship. I spent a week in Kruger in November 2008, in search of white rhinos and the ever-elusive leopard and wild dog. We did eventually encounter rhinos in the southern part of the Park, but this trip turned into a 'lions tour', with good sightings of these big cats every day. Although our vehicle wasn't great for photography (a people-carrier rather than a jeep or a 'pop-top'), a visit to Kruger inevitably generates lots of pictures, so I've divided my favourites into five groups (links on the left) and the pages hopefully won't take too long to load.
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