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Back in 2005 I went on my first ever African safari, to Kenya and Tanzania. Late one afternoon in Kenya's Nakuru National Park, we saw something incredibly rare - an African wild dog, also known as a painted hunting dog. In the 1990s the species was thought to be extinct in Nakuru, but there have been sporadic sightings since and we were extremely lucky.
The light was fading and both the vehicle aWild dog at Lake Nakuru, Kenyanthe dog were moving, so this blurred photo was all I got before the dog trotted off into the scrub. Since then, I've been on a hunt for the hunting dog, in South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana and back to Kenya again without success.

In 2013 I travelled to three of Tanzania's less-visited, southern parks - Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha and Mikumi National Parks, all of which are supposedly 'hot spots' for wild dogs. But all things are relative, and wild dogs are endangered with only a few thousand left scattered across Africa. It still wasn't easy, and our lengthy drives around the parks generated lots of photos of other wildlife, so I've grouped some of these on separate pages (links on the left). And yes, 'The carnivores' includes a certain blotchy canine.
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